Dillon Brayton – Founder of Pure Painters

Dillon Brayton

Dillon Brayton, founder of Pure Painters, is an expert commercial painter and residential painter. His painting techniques and commitment to eco-friendly painting have made him the number one ‘go-to’ painting contractor for Vancouver, providing the best commercial painting and residential painting results.

Dillon Brayton has trained hundreds of professional painting contractors to fulfill client visions on even the most demanding and detailed projects. The industry acknowledges Dillon’s expertise on eco-friendly painting techniques (commercial and residential work) as putting Pure Painters ahead of the curve both locally and abroad.

Dillon’s experience includes managing multi-million dollar painting projects while simultaneously working with the RCMP, MPDA and LEEDS programs. His expertise spans delicate residential, strata and commercial painting jobs that include: social housing projects, churches, temples, banks, rehabilitation clinics, repossessions, restoration projects and more.

Pure Painters strives to be a leader in socially responsible painting. Dillon’s passion for eco-friendly painting, and giving back to the community are inspired by his loving family. Dillon has found that small changes to eco-friendly painting and sustainability require minimal effort and cost, but give maximum results — and more importantly he knows how to transfer those benefits to you.

Environmentally friendly painting techniques and practices are better for our health and homes. Dillon see’s the Pure Painters motto ‘painting a better world’ as about excellence in painting while ensuring a green future for his family and yours.

Find out why Pure Painter’s is, Burnaby, New Westminster & the Tri-Cities’ top choice for professional painting contractors.

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